San Martino!

Maybe not all of you know that I live in a veeeeery little village where nothing happens and where everybody think I’m some kind of weirdo (oh well…I am xD). Well, yesterday was a very special day! There was a local festival called ‘San Martino’ – Saint Martin, it’s like my name but the male version XD – to celebrate and remember old days when people from the countryside was obliged to move with the whole family and literally put the whole house on a wagon and go away. They also put animals on them, food…everything!! So, yesterday there was many people dressed up with old clothes, others were there to show traditional jobs, like make fishing nets or brooms or homemade pasta. There was a lot of men just drinking wine and singing traditional songs! It was quite fun, I was there with my two friends and we ate roasted chestnuts, *-* yummy, it’s one of the reasons why I love fall season! ROASTED CHESTNUTS!
I made some pictures (like every year) 😀

Hope you like my “little reportage”!  I don’t usually go out with my camera so when there are events like that I’m happy to have something to shoot. I know I should always have my camera with me, but my laziness is too strong ;_____; …and my camera is too heavy (LOL just kidding… no ok it is heavy…just a little bit… >_>) .
Anyway, tell me if you enjoy events like this!!


fell free to correct my english.