SeeMe ~ new project❤

Hello ♡
Few days ago I had the opportunity to meet Kia & Luca,  two wonderful people who love each other very much.
They had this idea for a photographic project about people with disabilities and so I decided to participate.
We took a series of portraits of Kia trying to focus on her beauty and her personality, making overshadow his disability and then the wheelchair.

This project is called Lo sGuardo Oltre ~ Seeme.
(The look beyond).

Often when you see a person with a disability, we see only his handicap. This brings us to identify that person with his handicap.The intent of this project is to discover through these shots, the person beyond the disability, to perceive disability as one of the many characteristics of the person and not the person himself.

_MG_7367 copy

_MG_7404 copy

_MG_7435 copy


_MG_7343 copy

Here’s the facebook fanpage of the project (work in progress for now):


(feel free to correct my english, I know it’s not perfect ;__;)