Sunday in TURIN!!

Hello everyone! 😀
How are you? These day I’m feeling very bored, nothing happened so I didn’t post anything.

BUT!!! Yesterday I went to Turin with my parents! For them was almost the first time in Turin so they were happy to go and visit the city. It’s not very far from here, we got there around noon and we met my boyfriend’s family.

We had lunch in a very nice restaurant – ‘Controcorrente Restaurant’. It’s a small and cute place run by husband and wife (she’s chinese so you can find also some chinese traditional recipes!).


We had some starters – ‘bruschette’ (garlic bread with tomatoes), other vegetables and veal with tuna sauce (which is a tradition in Turin….I didn’t know o___o).
Then we had a traditional type of pasta called ‘Agnolotti del plin’ (o__o’) which basically is pasta stuffed with meat and you can have it with broth or with sauce. Our was with a veeery good walnut sauce *ç*.  Then we had a very nice chicken with orange and pink pepper, with something strange:  fennels flavored with raisins °-° which was actually good! (I never tried it!!). To complete the lunch we had dessert. I ate a very big slice of tiramisù °ç°, my dad tried a traditional dessert called ‘Bunet’.

Agnolotti and Bunet

After lunch we went to Piazza Vittorio and we had a very nice walk up to ‘Piazza Castello’ which is the focal point of Turin.


We stopped to have coffee in a place called Steamboat which is a bar and also a comicbook store! It’s very nice and seems to enter in a steampunk submarine, you have to try it ^_^



We saw the famous ‘Mole Antonelliana’, the most famous symbol of Turin (inside there is the beautiful National Cinema Museum) and finally we reached the Royal Palace but unfortunately the square was full of people for the awards of the Turin Marathon.

Mole Antonelliana- some violet-flavored candy – my BF acting silly.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so good but it was a very nice day! Our parents had fun, they chatted happily and maybe next time my boyfriend’s family will  come here visit ^__^.

Along the was, I saw they opened a SIX store *_* . SIX is a very nice brand that makes cute accessories and bags, I really have to go back there and take a look around 😀 eheheh ( ). I also saw a BEAUTIFUL pair of shoes in a store (I swear I didn’t saw the name •_•), they were a platform model very similar to the Asos portobello! Love it!
I can predict a day of shopping ohohooho *_* .



San Martino!

Maybe not all of you know that I live in a veeeeery little village where nothing happens and where everybody think I’m some kind of weirdo (oh well…I am xD). Well, yesterday was a very special day! There was a local festival called ‘San Martino’ – Saint Martin, it’s like my name but the male version XD – to celebrate and remember old days when people from the countryside was obliged to move with the whole family and literally put the whole house on a wagon and go away. They also put animals on them, food…everything!! So, yesterday there was many people dressed up with old clothes, others were there to show traditional jobs, like make fishing nets or brooms or homemade pasta. There was a lot of men just drinking wine and singing traditional songs! It was quite fun, I was there with my two friends and we ate roasted chestnuts, *-* yummy, it’s one of the reasons why I love fall season! ROASTED CHESTNUTS!
I made some pictures (like every year) 😀

Hope you like my “little reportage”!  I don’t usually go out with my camera so when there are events like that I’m happy to have something to shoot. I know I should always have my camera with me, but my laziness is too strong ;_____; …and my camera is too heavy (LOL just kidding… no ok it is heavy…just a little bit… >_>) .
Anyway, tell me if you enjoy events like this!!


fell free to correct my english.