My October ~ Instagram Monthly Collage♡

as I said in the last post I would like to make my blog more personal adding a little more about me and my life. For this reason I made this Instagram monthly collage!, as a small story of the past month.
Untitled-1(it took me 10 minutes with photoshop  ;D )
The first little picture is my mom and dad’s wedding! I was at my grandma’s  and she has this picture hanging on the wall, I think it’s incredible how my dad looks exactly like me … (and look at that hair…LOL).
My friend Michael graduated this month, so we had a big party! He graduated in engineering, a very difficult thing with numbers…things I can’t even think about…•___• . The graduation day we prepared a little prank to Mike. We forced him to dress like an homeless person with a guitar and play for people down the street asking for money. It was very fun!


In the next 2 pictures, as you can see, there’s food xD (you must have food pictures on you instagram!). Every year there’s this ‘festival’ here where I live ( it’s the Garlic Festival – not joking – ) and it’s tradition to have lunch at my grandma’s house which is always a big party with a lot of food!
The next one is my ipod! I know it’s not a great photo but  I took it while I was on train very bored. I used to listen to music quite loud and sometimes people look at me like ‘omg can’t she lower the volume?!?!?” – no, I can’t.
Next picture is an image from the movie ‘Dalmatians’, a quite horrible and cheap cartoon that me and my boyfriend found in a store (yaaay .____.). I think you can find the full movie also on youtube (not sure) but here’s a veeeery nice link for you xD , check it out!
Next one is a picture from a very nice concert 🙂 !! My friend Federica is a soprano singer and I she sang few weeks ago in a very pretty church. She’s so talented, I almost cried! There was also an orchestra and an organ playing, it was magical.
Next picture is just me acting stupid at my boyfriend’s house while he is at work!
This month I finally went shopping with my mom! I didn’t bought a lot of things but I was satisfied. I got a very cute pink/white sweater (Stradivarius) , a blue shirt with a deer on it (*-* I love it!! – from Pull&bear), a green scarf that I definitely LOVE – it’s huge and so warm (from Stradivarius), a nude lipgloss from Essence.
Next one is just a useless picture .___. (it’s a chocolate I ate..and it was delicious…).
That murals is in Turin and I found it while walking with my boyfriend! It’s amazing isn’t it? Actually it’s bigger and continues on the left with the image of an hamster and other things (I can’t remember very well!)
Last picture (YEEEEE) is a collage from the Gamesweek day! Gamesweek is a videogames convention that takes place every year in Milan. It’s quite big and there you can try new games, new consoles, and stuff like that! I was there on sunday with my boyfriend and some friends. It was amazing •_• !! There was sooo many people !!! I didn’t see anything “games-related” but I met a lot of people and It was very nice 🙂

That’s it, this was my october!
Now I would like to hear from you :3 tell my about yours, especially how did you spent your Halloween night!


fell free to correct my english